Comfort and relaxation!

Panicel has in present 65 comfortable, warm, bright and elegant rooms. The country-style painted furniture completes the image of authentic Romanian space Panicel wants to accustom you with.

The rooms are situated as follows:
-    22 rooms ( 13 twin rooms and 9 king-size rooms) situated in the main buildings ; two of the king-size rooms are going to be twin rooms in about two weeks
-    9 king-size rooms situated in the building placed near the lakes. Four of them are very large, 38 square meters, having a king-size bed an extendable couch. These rooms are great with families with children.

Natural completion of a traditional way of cooking where all the dishes, prepared as grandma used to in the well-preserved rural area, are tasty, fresh and cooked with a lot of passion. All the deserts that we offer you are homemade, natural and free of any additives. More than that we invite you to try the unique product we offer you, the tomato jam, incredibly tasty!

Our diversified menu can be completed by a portion of fresh trout which you are invited to fish by yourself from the lake situated on our property, if fishing is one of your passions. You only need to choose the hot polenta, the special garlic sauce or the brine!
Groups who come here for training or camps for children are offered important discounts for accommodation, meals, equitation and other recreational opportunities

From the end of August 2012 we are welcoming you in the new location on Panicel.

It will have accommodation for 34:
- 4 suites - 4 stars
- 18 twin rooms - 4 stars
- 10 twin rooms - 3 stars

The total capacity will be 61 rooms + 4 apartments, totaling 130 seats.

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