Let’s work with joy and great results!

A very skillful observer, with a good sense of humor once said that ‘life is too short to work sad!’ That is correct! Having this in mind, we got ready for work, we frowned and, determined to create the best working environment for you in which to perform gladly, joyfully, we built a multifunctional room in which useful and pleasant come hand-in-hand. As easy as in a Lego game, it can be transformed and adapted to the most various demands. Both big groups (up to 400) and smaller ones can find here the ideal place for learning, communicating or interacting with each other.

You can find here everything you need: latest technology in sound systems, new furniture, both comfortable and useful, a bar, 3D plasma TV-sets, wireless internet connection and more than that a lot of relaxation games (pool, darts, table tennis…) All you need to do is to choose one of our special offers which can include accommodation, meals, buffet, camp fire and spitted young pork. Those who tasted it said it was delicious and that they had such a great time that they would definitely come back!

‘We have the advantage of having the newest equipment, fabulous surroundings which stretch on an area of more than 90. 000 square meters offering privacy and quietness. Regardless of the season in which you decide to come, the road leading from the National Road to the pension is accessible. Isolated from noise, traffic, pollution and concrete buildings, time seems to flow differently here. Starting with the accommodation and then continuing with the restaurant, the recreational opportunities and the conditions offered for different trainings, everything is competently supervised, quality being our major concern. All you need to do is to contact us, make a reservation for when it is most convenient for you and come trustfully. You have every reason to choose Panicel. We guarantee you best quality services and during the training joy will definitely meet with great results!’. (Roxana Draghici – manager general Panicel).

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