Smile, live and dream!

‘ I really must dream of a horse! A mare, a colt, whatever it is, however it is , dark-bay, grey, round, brown, saddled or not, it just needs to be a horse! Horses are like a good-luck charm to me. Every time I dreamt of a horse I  was successful, faith smiled to me! I wonder, why do I dream of horses so seldom, why is it so difficult? I dream of dogs, ducks, elephants, sheep, and guinea- fowls anything but horses. From New Year’s Day on I hardly ever dreamt of three horses. It’s better than none at all, they brought me good-luck, I must admit: I got a six at Geometry, during the Science class I was about to be verified when I was saved by the bell, at History I was postponed for the next time, that is tomorrow. So, tomorrow, I have to answer at the lesson, I really must dream of a horse tonight, a big white one if possible, if not however it is dark-bay, grey, round, brown… ( Mircea Santimbreanu – ‘ The long break’)

Are you dreaming, as Mircea Santimbreanu did, this time with your eyes wide open of a horse? A beautiful one, black or white, obedient or restive? One that frightens and attracts you at the same time? A horse that once mounted is going to leave you breathless with excitement because you discover all of a sudden pleasure and danger, this wonderful combination for your soul? If you are dreaming of a horse that can take you even for a few moments in a new world, that can teach you the lesson of freedom and that of a vertical spine, experience that will remind you to breathe deeply the fresh air, then all you need to do is to come to us. Fredy, the white horse, is going to look at you with respect and obedience. He loves people, he loves children. Nero is a special treat for those who are in search of adventure. With his dark mane, stubborn, he sniffs eager to gallop over the green hills. Cezar is a Don Juan, charming, aware of his beauty. He knows how to make himself loved, you cannot help giving him a carrot or caressing him! Our junior, Fulger ( Lightning), with a star on his forehead can’t wait to distinguish himself among all others. And our mares, Iola and Lola, gentle, obedient can teach you the lesson of being patient.
And because we couldn’t deprive the little ones by the pleasure of riding, our ponies Pony, Catalina and Avana come to complete our troupe of horses.
The riding classes can be also held in our riding hall, a new construction, unique in the area, designed according to the international standards. All you need to do is to unleash your dreams, smile and live outdoors the joy of being free, away from dust and concrete! We can assure you that your next day’s ‘exams’ will be passed successfully!

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